Georgia isn’t even saying that

They have systematically removed Vo-tech schools from the board of regents. They are on a quest to make all 2 year schools 4 year, full degree schools. Therefore we have masses of schools that just pop up like trick driving schools, cosmetology schools, auto mechanic schools etc which cost way more than attending college and only specialize in one thing. The certifications are fly-by-night and often aren’t recognized in neighboring states where the requirements are much more stringent. Lets talk about master stylists/barbers. You have to pass a state board exam, with requires a certain number of classroom hours, certain number of apprentice hours and pass a standardized written, oral and practical exam. Some of the cosmetology schools just do the hands on portion, forgoing completely the other requirements and therefore their students will never be able to pass state boards. Yet they are charging them semester hours whose price is more than a 4 year college fee per semester hour. They can’t take any of their “class work’ anywhere else to transfer. In my opinion, there should be regulation of this, but the state doesn’t see the necessity in it, just the fee for the state board certification.